Top Fund Manager Still Likes US Stocks — And EU Exporters

In a rare interview, top fund manager Mark Yockey says he thinks US stocks are still “really attractive,” and talks about the game-changing impact of the surging dollar and tumbling commodity prices.

Yockey tells WealthTrack that while the US market has tripled since 2009, factors like excellent corporate profitability, low interest rates and inflation, and corporate buybacks are making many US equities very good buys. “I know prices have gone up, but they still seem to us to be in the reasonable range,” he said. Yockey also talks about why he thinks big banks are good bets, and why the dollar’s rise and commodity price declines have him very bullish on European exporters.

Arnott: “You Don’t Get Bargains In The Absence Of Fear”

Fundamental indexing guru Rob Arnott says that to get bargains, you have to invest in places where fears are high. Right now, he says that means to look in places like emerging markets and Europe.
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Siegel: Fed “Mostly Gets It”

Wharton Professor Jeremy Siegel, who had grown cautious on stocks recently, says the Federal Reserve’s lowering of interest rate projections has him feeling better.

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Fisher: Don’t Fear Deflation

Kenneth Fisher says to ignore those who are saying we are headed for a stock-crushing deflationary environment.

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Industry Rankings: Growth — and Value — in Home Improvement Stocks

Every day, Validea uses John Reese’s Guru Strategy investing models to rank dozens of industries using a myriad of financial and fundamental data. The rankings include a value index, a growth index, and an overall index that takes both growth and value factors into account. Here’s a look at some of the current top-rated industries using the growth index.

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Yardeni Sees Expansion And Bull Continuing — But Valuations A Concern

Top strategist Ed Yardeni thinks it could be a while before we see the end of this economic expansion — and by extension the bull market. But he also says that very few stocks are cheap anymore.

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Gabelli Talks Trucking, Media, Pets, And More

Top value investor Mario Gabelli says he is high on
media stocks and equities exposed to European trucking.

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