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Rosenberg Says It’s Very Difficult To Make Bearish Case For 2015

Top economist David Rosenberg — long a bear — is continuing along the bullish path he started on last year.
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Rosenberg: Rate Hike Impact A Ways Away

Worried about the interest rate hikes that may be coming sooner than many had expected? Top economist David Rosenberg says to relax.
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Rosenberg: Inflation Is Coming

Once a major worry amid the Federal Reserve’s massive quantitative easing program, inflation seems to have taken a back seat in investors’ minds. But top economist David Rosenberg says not to forget about it.

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Rosenberg Talks Tapering, Inflation

Gluskin Sheff’s David Rosenberg thinks stocks will be stuck in a trading range for the next several months, and sees inflation on the horizon. Rosenberg tells Yahoo! Finance’s Breakout that if the Federal Reserve does begin to taper its asset-purchasing plans in September as he expects, the chance for multiple expansion will be very small, which, combined with near-zero earnings growth, means little in the way of market gains. He also thinks bonds are oversold and ready for a short-term rebound, though he sees Treasury yields rising to the 3% to 4% range in 2014. “My sense is that once this consumer deleveraging cycle is over, and there are signs that it is coming to an end if it hasn’t ended already, you’re going to see the velocity of money start to rise, against the backdrop of double-digit growth of the monetary base, and that is going to lead to inflation down the road,” he says.

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Rosenberg: U.S. Now On “Terra Firma”

Gluskin Sheff Chief Economist & Strategist David Rosenberg says that a “firmer floor” has developed under the U.S. economy, and he doesn’t see recession coming anytime soon. “I don’t see the prospect of a recession,” Rosenberg tells Yahoo!Finance’s Daily Ticker, saying that the major risks of a fiscal shock or monetary shock have passed for the U.S. “My new theme is escape velocity, no, but terra firma, yes. There’s a firmer floor under the U.S. economy now than there used to be [and the] downside risks… have diminished considerably.” Rosenberg says he expects moderate inflation and very modest growth in the next few years, but says the biggest risks to the U.S. will come not from home but from abroad.

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