What Makes Buffett So Good

Just what can individual investors learn from Warren Buffett’s incredibly successful career? In a recent column, The Wall Street Journal’s Jason Zweig takes a look at that question.
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Tech Bubble Lessons For Today’s Investors

After 15 years, the Nasdaq Composite Index recently eclipsed its March 2000 record high. But The Wall Street Journal’s Jason Zweig says that before they get too excited, investors would be wise to remember the lessons of the Nasdaq’s decade-and-a-half of struggle to regain its high.
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Ben Graham, Index Fund Fan?

Would Benjamin Graham, the man known as “the father of value investing” and a pioneer in security analysis, have liked plain, generic index funds? In a recent column, Jason Zweig, who edited an updated edition of Graham’s classic book The Intelligent Investor, says yes.
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Lessons from 2014’s Forecasting Failure

What lessons can investors take from 2014? Don’t listen to short-term economic and stock market forecasts, says The wall street journal’s Jason Zweig.

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Your Brain And Your Risk Tolerance

How much risk can you handle in your investment portfolio? In a recent Wall Street Journal column, Jason Zweig looked at how to answer that question — and how brain science can offer some clues.
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Munger On Buffett, Temperament, And Why He’s Better Than Ben Graham

Charlie Munger isn’t nearly as high-profile as his Berkshire Hathaway partner Warren Buffett, but The Wall Street Journal’s Jason Zweig recently caught up with him for a fascinating interview in which Munger talked about everything from Socrates and Confucius to derivatives and accounting practices to why he doesn’t love Benjamin Graham the way Buffett does. Continue reading

Can You Rewire Your Brain To Be More Like Buffett?

Is it possible to rewire your brain so you think more like Warren Buffett? In a recent Wall Street Journal column, Jason Zweig takes a look at one successful fund manager who has tried to do just that.
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