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Oberweis: With Biotech Pricey, Try Other Healthcare Options

Many biotech stocks have had exceptional runs over the past few years. But newsletter guru Jim Oberweis says that has led to some exorbitant valuations, and he says there are other ways to now play the healthcare sector.

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Small-cap Stocks For Two Changing Industries

Small-cap guru Jim Oberweis says the retail and advertising industries are home to big changes these days, and that smart investors can profit from those changes.
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Why Not To Give Up On Small Caps

Last year, small-cap stocks lagged large stocks by the widest margin since 1998, but newsletter guru Jim Oberweis says not to quit on the little guys.

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Oberweis On How To Play The Mobile Boom

In his latest Forbes column, newsletter guru Jim Oberweis says that the mobile market is full of investment opportunities, but that it can be a dangerous place for investors as well.
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Why High Small-Cap P/Es Might Not Be So Bad

Small-cap valuations are quite high these days, but newsletter guru Jim Oberweis says there may be good reason for that: institutional investors being “desperate” to reach pension fund goals.

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Oberweis On What People Get Wrong About China

Newsletter guru Jim Oberweis, whose China fund is in the top 1% of funds in its class over the past one, three, and five years, according to Morningstar, says investors look at China the wrong way.

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