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Fisher: Absence Of Profits Doesn’t Mean A Stock Should Be Absent From Your Portfolio

Thirty years ago, Ken Fisher burst on the investment scene with his book Super Stocks, in which he showed that investors often focused too much on earnings while ignoring sales and other metrics. Three decades later, Fisher says investors haven’t learned their lesson.

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Fisher On Why Hillary Won’t Win In 2016 — And What That Means For Stocks

While many believe it’s a foregone conclusion that Hillary Clinton will win the 2016 presidential election, top strategist Kenneth Fisher says history shows otherwise –and that, he says, is likely to have a big impact on how stocks behave over the next couple years.

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Fisher On False Fears, And False Hopes

Top strategist Kenneth Fisher says that he is keen on European stocks because of “false fears” in the region, while he is down on Japanese stocks because of “false hopes” there.
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Great Pages: Fisher On Market Timing

Can a single page of a book change your investment life? We believe it can. Periodically, we highlight some of the Great Pages that have had a great impact on our investment philosophy. Today, we cheat just a bit, looking at two pages in Kenneth Fisher’s classic “Super Stocks”. Fisher shows how even if you could time every 100-point move of the market, you still wouldn’t make as much money as you would investing in fundamentally sound “super stocks”.

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Fisher: Don’t Believe The “Currency War” Hype

With central banks around the globe making an array of moves to weaken or strengthen their currencies, talk of currency wars has risen. Kenneth Fisher says not to buy it.
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New Data Supports Fisher’s Old Approach

In a recent piece for Seeking Alpha, Thomas Pound looks at the stock-picking approach Kenneth Fisher laid out in his classic book Super Stocks, as well as Validea’s Fisher-inspired model — and the results are more proof that Fisher’s price/sales-based methodology has been extremely successful.

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