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Current Downturn is a Good Time to Pick Stocks, Says Mario Gabelli

Mario Gabelli of GAMCO told CNBC that he thinks the downturn “is good. This is what markets are supposed to do. Psychology and human behavior is supposed to give you the blow up.” He noted that we knew the fourth quarter of 2015 would “be reporting some real negative impacts from the convergence of “the four Cs: currency, China, commodities, and current earnings.” However, he said, “As I look to the fourth quarter of 2016, I see really bright spots.” He suggested that buying “individual companies that have certain characteristics” now is an opportunity: “you get a good price on a company that’s going to do well.” He said, “it’s a lot better than buying an ETF, where you panic and there is lack of liquidity.”

Gabelli: Economy Steady, But No Margin Of Safety

Top value strategist Mario Gabelli says that the economy looks steady, but adds that there is not much of a margin of safety in stocks right now.
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Gabelli Talks Financial Sector

Top value investor Mario Gabelli says the way to make money in the financial sector is by investing in smaller, local banks. Gabelli tells FOX Business Network that he sees a round of consolidation coming for the sector, from which small, local bank shares will benefit. He’s less enthusiastic about money center banks, he says. Gabelli also talks about his bottom-up investing approach, fourth-quarter earnings, and why he’s excited about potential spin-offs.


Gabelli on Cars, QE, and Bourbon

Value investing guru Mario Gabelli is finding value in some intriguing areas of the market, including the auto and health and wellness industries. Gabelli tells Fox Business Network how he tries to balance long-term and short-term factors. “We try to look out over the next 10 years, what sectors will work,” he says. “For example the rising middle class in India and China and what does that mean for companies like Boeing and what does it mean for global consumption and the economy. We also try to think out in the United States, health and wellness, how do we eat better? Organic, natural foods. But at the same time you’ve got to think about what’s going to happen tomorrow. You want to be aware of the sugar high that we’ve had since Bernanke gave us QE2 and how does that wear off and who and what and how do we maintain that.” Gabelli also talks about his bottom up investing approach, and why he thinks the beverage industry is a great place to look for opportunities.

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Gabelli Talks Buffett, Value

Top value strategist Mario Gabelli says that if he were Warren Buffett, he would be looking to purchase companies with some very specific characteristics. Gabelli tells Bloomberg that he’d target companies with “cash flow, sustainability, and a U.S. base that have global earnings power and that can index with inflation”. What might such a company look like? “If you bought Heinz, you could buy a cereal manufacturer,” he speculated. Gabelli also talks about Berkshire’s portfolio construction, and some of its core holdings.

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